Volunteer & Service Retreats



We spend a lot of time working and worrying about paying bills. While this is important, giving a helping hand and doing volunteer work is one of the most important activity for any human being. As an executive and leader, you have a lot to share with the less fortunate, especially your time. However, we understand that while you would like to volunteer, you do not know where to go, how to get involved and most importantly, how safe it is. With this retreat, you join other executives and leaders for volunteer work in places where your time is desperately needed. 


What is the commitment?

You are required to commit at very least one week. However, the duration of our volunteer retreats are two weeks. During this period, you will be involved in different activities depending on the country and region where the retreat will take place. See Member Only section for more information.



You will be required to commit and keep your word to participate. Given the nature of sensitivity, we request that once you commit, you don't cancel. See member only section for more information.